Mental radio – a workshop transporting thoughts.

9 April, 2008 - 11:57

The workshop Mental Radio took part the 2nd of April and was lead by the artist Ulrika Sparre and hosted by the Interactive Institute.The workshop was the first in a series of workshops organized within the framework of Fringe.During the workshop a group of 9 people performed different experiments to investigate their telepathic abilities. One of the experiments was a "telephone" experiment where the participants trough throwing dice decided who would call to another pre-selected person from the group located in a different room. The aim of this experiment was that the person that was alone would try to feel which person from the group was calling. The paricipants also worked with transfering images of personal objects that were hidden in a box.In one of the tests an object brought by one of the participants was put inside a box. The rest of the persons in the group had to concentrate and try to feel and draw the content of the box. This test gave compelling result and many of the persons in the group could sence both the right colour and the shape of the object.One test was performed with "Zenner cards" and drawings where used as a medium for transmitting mental images between the participants. These tests gave positive results. The machine "Mental Radio" that was developed by Ulrika Sparre during her artist in residence period at the Interactive Institute was also used during the experiments at the workshop.

The group performing the "an object in the box"experiment.

Going trought results of the experiment based on the "Zenner cards".

Cecilia Haupt and Christer Chytraeus.

One of the youngest participants of the workshop.

A small break with the Brainball.

Cecilia Haupt and Viktoria Kindstrand testing the "Mental Radio" machine developed by Ulrika Sparre.