Affective Health

“Affective Health" is a system that measures your movement and arousal level through bio-sensors attached to your body. These measurements can indicate how you live your life over time, it can portray situations that are stressful, engaging as well as peaceful moments in your life. The bio-sensor data is displayed in real time on the mobile phone. It is visualized using shapes and a color scheme that builds from the energy level that different colors contain.


With Affective Health users can enter a biofeedback loop, as their emotional, bodily reactions are mirrored in realtime. For example, taking a deep breath and seeing the color of the spiral smoothly change from a strong red color, down to calmer and calmer colors as picked up by the arousal measurements from the biosensor wristband. From what is mirrored in the interface users can recognize patterns and start figuring out what excites and calms them. It becomes of vital importance to portray our selves pulsating, alive, and subjective. In a sense, we are putting bodily and mindful practices next to one-another, into a whole – stepping away from a dualistic perspective on body and mind.

Affective Health is currently looking into ways of sharing bio data between users, to understand, help and support each other. The system has recently been used by the Swedish national team in orienteering, a group of colleagues at a big company and a group people not connected to each other.

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