A video installation in a small shop…


Fatherand son, one of them verging, are waiting for You to mirror yourselfin what’s deviant. Let’s pretend everything is normal, until athird party, someone else, watches and expresses…the opposite. Thecoexistence is self-evident: two pair of feet steadily rooted in theground they stand on. The place is the same, the origin as well …yet they see different things, gravitate away from each other.

Geska HelenaAndersson and Robert Brecevic have placed their work in a smallstore, L’épicerie, in the Rue Keyenveld in Brussels -premiering the installation meanwhile-ondertussen-entretemps. The responsive video installation is part of the series På lut(Father and Son Verging) portraying fathers and sons.

The greengrocerand his son were the models for the installation, the purpose ofwhich is to bring irregular images into the public space totemporarily shake people free from their routines. The work ofAndersson and Brecevic is about the fragile and the humane, aboutwhat isn’t allowed onto the billboards littering public space.

Monday, April 28, 2008, 02:00