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If you want to develop your company’s technical solutions, SICS offers deep knowledge and an excellent network of expertise in relevant and strategic technology areas.

SICS mission is to turn new technology into smart innovations, giving the customer a competitive edge. The expertise found at SICS is built on a solid academic foundation that is challenged and developed as it comes into contact with real life industrial problems. Collaboration can take a variety of forms.

SICS Swedish ICT offers

Joint Research Projects
From Research Results to Commercialization
SME Support
Publicly Available Software
Standardization Work
Spin-off Companies
Public Events

Joint research projects

SICS has provided customized research to the Swedish industry for three decades. Virtually all research at SICS is carried out in cooperation with industry. Projects vary in size, but they all typically try to solve a problem or explore a new area within the company's core business. Most of the time, the actual research is carried out in direct collaboration with people from the participating companies or organizations. Consequently, probability is high that any new insights and results are actually exploited by the participating organizations.

A large part of the research is conducted in projects with public funding or partly funded by EU programs. SICS is active in all relevant EU programs and coordinates a number of EU projects.

From research results to commercialization

Commercialization of research results is an integrated part of the activities at SICS. The exploitation of the results emphasizes and proves the relevance of our research and, directly or indirectly, creates commercial value for our partners and the industry as a whole.

We promote commercialization both on our own and in partnership with industry. SICS cooperates with several innovation system actors, such as Innovationsbron, to develop and strengthen the role of the research institutes in the innovation system.

SME Support

For smaller and midsized companies SICS can help finding ways for financially viable solutions for advanced research including EU project partnership and public funding. SICS Startup Accelerator is a technical accelerator helping existing startups to run faster and in the right direction.

Publicly available software

Most software development in SICS research projects stops at the research prototype or proof-of-concept stage. Typically, further development to reach a stable product is done by the industry partners. However, on occasion SICS does develop and make available software directly to interested parties. In this case, it is most often done by releasing the software as open source but SICS also has the option to provide software on a commercial basis, as is the case with the widely spread SICStus Prolog. See complete list of publicly available SICS software.

Standardization work

Participation in standardization work is maybe one of the most efficient ways to promote and disseminate advances in knowledge. In addition, good standards drive innovation and competition - especially in technology markets. SICS regularly participates in standardization work – often, but not always, within the scope of a large research project. SICS has, for example, contributed to standards for Prolog and IPv6.

Spin-off companies

Over the years, many new companies have been started based on SICS research. This is a very efficient way to make use of new findings and contribute to the competitive strength of Swedish industry. See complete list of SICS spin-off companies.

public events

SICS organizes a variety of public seminars, primarily targeted to industry. SICS Software Week, a three day conference in the fall on hot topics is one example. Other examples are seminars and workshops on specific technology arranged at SICS for a smaller audience. Every spring, SICS organizes an SICS Open House day, where current research prototypes are exhibited and many seminars are given. This day alone typically attracts 300 attendees. See Calendar

Finally, SICS researchers participate in various trade exhibitions and public events organised by others, e.g. culture and science exhibitions.

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