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SICS has a long and strong tradition of close collaboration with commercial companies and other organizations, e.g. government agencies and other public bodies. We work with both large organizations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The main ways in which we collaborate with other organizations are:

Publicly funded research projects

The most common way in which companies and other organizations collaborate with SICS is through publicly funded research projects. These projects are typically funded by either Swedish research funds or by the European Commission. In either case, SICS has good knowledge of currently available funds and how the process works. The funding organizations typically require that the company or organization invest their own time (and sometimes cash) while they fund the research organization, i.e. SICS. The benefit of this model for the customer is that they can get significant leverage on their own investment. The risk involved is that, after investing time in the application, there is no guarantee of actually getting the project funded. Also, exclusive ownership of intellectual property rights may be difficult to achieve in publicly funded projects.

Contract research

The typical situation where contract research may be appropriate is when a company or organization has a specific challenge for which they believe there may be a solution in the realm of computer science research. From the customer's perspective, the benefits of contract research vs. other forms of collaboration include 100% focus on their specific problem, confidentiality, ownership of intellectual property rights, and no time wasted on applying for public funds.

Centers of Excellence

In a Center of Excellence, one or more research organizations cooperate closely with a defined group of companies and other organizations according to a long term research plan and with a common responsibility for commercializing results. Participation in one of our Excellence Centers is a very good way to build a relevant and useful network in your field and a framework for new ideas and business opportunities. See our current Excellence Centers here.

Special interest networks

SICS hosts a number of special interest networks that gather small and large organizations with a strong interest in one particular field. The groups typically meet twice a year to exchange ideas and discuss common challenges. The focus is informal networking rather than common projects (which may of course emerge as a result of networking). Check under Expertise if there is a group that shares your special interest.

Seminars and speaking engagements

Every year, SICS arranges a number of public seminars on a multitude of topics, from innovation to specific technical subjects. Speakers are invited from industry and academy, and results are presented and discussed. SICS researchers with expertise on a variety of subjects are also available for speaking engagements at other organizations' conferences and seminars.

More information

If you would like more information about collaboration with SICS, or if you have an idea that you want to discuss, do not hesitate to contact Björn Levin tel +46 70-685 85 86.

You are most welcome!