SICS Startup Accelerator

SICS Startup Accelerator is a technical accelerator helping existing startups to run faster and in the right direction. We also help SICS researchers create new ventures.

our support

  • Technical development - advice on design and architecture
  • Market research - competitors, partners, customers
  • Financial network - VCs, Angels, partners helping with financing
  • Marketing - we lead a multitude of events
  • Recruiting and matchmaking
  • Space - some available at SICS for shorter times - adding more through partners
  • Practical startup advice based on own experience and invited entrepreneurs

What sets us apart from a regular incubator is that we have very deep technical insight and can add a lot more value through daily interaction with top researchers. The flip-side of this is that we limit ourselves to a companies within areas in which we have expertise, such as cloud computing and multicore systems.

SICS Startup accelerator works in close collaboration with similar initiatives, for example STING, KTH Innovation, Mobile Life, Chalmers Innovation, SU Innovation, Aalto Venture Garage, EIT ICT Labs.

Current Supported Startups within SICS Startup Accelerator

  • ELSIP - selected as one of 11 top Swedish startups by the angel network Silicon Vikings
  • Severalnines - winner of EuroCloud Award - best Startup - Europe!

Contact: Adam Edström, adam.edstrom [at]