Sics Spin-off Companies



Prindit is a cloud-based platform that use measurements and analytics to boost team performance. We give organizations a possibility to get data and insights on critical success factors on a weekly basis. We support a proactive leadership, increase employee engagement and productivity in teams. Prindit is a spin-off from SICS Swedish ICT Västerås and is based on scientifically verified success factors for projects and innovation.

Contact: Stefan Cedergren 070-7914440, Anders Wikström 070-5928490



WEMEMOVE is developing a motion classification engine for sports and wellbeing that answers the questions what are you doing, and how are you doing it. Our system uses just one sensor, either a smartphone or a HR-chestbelt. This is done through machine learning algorithms classifying and quantifying your movement. Collective movement data from yourself and eliteathletes powers a big-data analysis tool that enables personal learning. WEMEMOVE´s
first product is a XC-skiing service called mySKILAB.

Contact: Magnus Jonsson, magnus [at]


A spin-off from SICS with the purpose to commercialize the LOCUS technology for self-configured indoor positioning and asset tracking. It is hosted by the SICS Startup Accelerator from the start, 2013. Founders are Göran Olofsson (CEO), SICS and Martin Nilsson, the inventor of LOCUS.

LocuSense is looking for a strategic partner to bring LOCUS efficiently to market.

Göran Olofsson gorano [at]



Telcred develops software that enables mobile phones and other mobile devices, such as smart cards, to be used for physical access control, ticketing, and micro payments. The company is a spin-off from SICS founded by Babak Sadighi and Carlo Pompili and builds on a patented method for creating, distributing and verifying access rights.



Peerialism’s product for video distribution over internet – PeerTV – enables content owners to distribute better quality video at significantly lower cost to many more viewers. Cost savings are between 50% to 90% depending on network conditions whilst the maximum number of simultaneous viewers is almost limitless. The company is built on research by Professor Seif Haridi and researcher Ali Ghodsi at SICS and KTH.


Gavagai was formed in 2007 as a spin-off from SICS by Jussi Karlgren and Magnus Sahlgren. Gavagai develops highly scalable methods for retreiving actionable intelligence from dynamic data.

Gavagai’s product Sensefish monitors social and editorial media in order to detect topics and track consumer sentiment. Sensefish is based on research done at SICS, from which the company spun off in 2008.



Axiomatics was founded in by two SICS researchers, Babak Sadighi and Erik Rissanen. Axiomatics is developing and marketing the authorization system called Delegent. Delegent is the market's first authorization system implementing the upcoming XACML 3.0 standard from the OASIS Consortium.



Asimus was founded by former SICS researcher Rickard Cöster. The company develops innovative search technology and offers both products and consultancy services.


Verysolid Technology Sweden was founded by former SICS researcher Fredrik Espinoza. The company designs, develops, and sells highly usable mobile services with a focus on existing backends and fast time to market.



Voxi was founded by a group of four; three of whom, Mårten Stenius, Erland Lewin and Daniel Adler came from SICS. The company, which stems from a spare-time programming project undertaken by the founders, develops a general-purpose platform for speech interaction, Intelligent Speech Interfaces (ISI). The business idea is to license this software to application developers, who then take the products to consumers within different domains.


BotBox was formed by three SICS researchers: Sverker Janson, Joakim Eriksson and Niclas Finne. The company is based on SICS research into agent-based systems. BotBox is designed to allow any user, novice or expert, home or business, to manage a personalized environment of bots on their personal computers with great simplicity and safety.



PipeBeach was founded by former SICS researcher Scott McGlashan together with people from Ericsson. PipeBeach develops an audio browser server that makes the mobile phone a convenient tool for retrieving information from the Web. PipeBeach was acquired by HP in august 2003.


Virtutech was founded by Peter Magnusson and four other SICS researchers. Virtutech makes tools for developing and designing high-performance embedded systems, in particular for the telecom and aerospace markets. It's main product is Simics™, a tool that can simulate any type of computer system, including multiprocessors and networks.

Virtutech was sold in 2010 to Intel Corporation, and the Simics product line is currently sold by Intel's subsidiary Wind River.


Tacton was founded by Klas Orsvärn, Thomas Axling, Robert Nilsson, Max Leitgeb, Anders Holm and Stefan Andersson, all researchers at SICS. Their products include an e-commerce engine and sales support for configurable product lines. Tacton has a subsidiary in the UK.



Effnet was founded by four researchers from Luleå University of Technology and SICS (Stephen Pink and Mikael Degermark). The company provides fast networking products, designed for mission critical applications. Effnet has offices in Sweden and in the U.S.A.



Dynarc was founded by former SICS lab manager Peter Sjödin. Dynarc developed scalable high-performance networks for data, voice and video traffic.