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Urban user driven innovation

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Stockholm Living Lab is an organization where users play an important role for development of digital services for mobile and fixed network applications. Users participate from all aspects in the development cycles, from an early idea phase to a late test phase.

The organization offers web sites for services to be shown, methods for user involvement, access to users groups, meeting places both physical as on the web.  We run serveral projects in the area.

Focus areas

  • E-health services and needs for elderly living at home.
  • Support to SME companies for effective product development.
  • Commercilization of digital services over the broadband networks

Pressrelease in April 2010:

Stockholm Living Lab New Member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL)

SICS and Stockholm Living Lab has been accepted as a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENOLL). The new members will be greeted at a ceremony in Valencia on the 14th of April.

Stockholm Living Lab works in collaboration with companies, universities, the public sector and user groups, forming a triple-helix. Stockholm Living Lab executes, together with its partners, projects based on user involvement and user innovation. Stockholm Living Lab is part of SICS since January 2009.

The lab has an urban profile with the following areas of execution. 

  1. To support small and midsized enterprises (SME) and ease their entrance into market through involving users. An “open portal” software is developed as an open source code together with Interactive TVArena in Gävle. 
  2. To gather methods of user interaction for SMEs. Support of the methods are given on a consultative basis. 
  3. To offer databases of different type of users for companies and researchers developing digital services.
  4. To create meeting places in a true “Triple Helix” constellation. The lab has so far ran 12 Minifairs where companies presenting their services get feedback from users in the public sector on their products and services. 

Stockholm Living Lab focuses on homecare and elderly care where detailed studies have been performed on user needs in elderly groups in the communities of Botkyrka and Nacka in Sweden. The scope of the project is to develop new IT tools and solutions to prepare the communities for the demographic change. These studies are performed together with Halmstad Living Lab.

Stockholm Living Lab has also managed projects in the Swedish network of Living Labs where a website where developed to register new ideas from users to interact with business developers to enhance the idea and to bring it further towards commercialization.

The lab is further engaged in studies of so called Digital Natives.  New tools and services are developed to better support these young people entering their professional life.



For more information please contact:
Per-Olov Sjöberg, Stockholm Living Lab
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