Ph.D. in Man-Machine Interaction 2005, Stockholm University with the thesis "Co-construction of Hybrid Spaces".

Ph.Lic. in Computer and Systems Sciences from Stockholm University, 1995, with the dissertation "Applications of Machine Learning".


Employed at SICS since 1997.

Scientific Advisor at Interactive Institute Växjö 2006-2008.

Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, 1985-1998.

Other merits

Co-ordinator in CSR issues at Swedish ICT since 2008-2010.

Chairperson of the local labour union at SICS 2002-2004, board member april 2008 - april 2009.

Member of the local organization committee of the 16 International Joint Conference of Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI-99, August, Stockholm, Sweden (Responsible for Volunteers), 1999.

At the same conference, co-organizer of an international workshop in the combined field of machine learning and user modeling: Learning about Users, with Mattias Bauer (DFKI, Germany) and Wolfgang Pohl (GMD, Germany) and Wayne Iba (Stanford University, USA), 1999.

Member of the board of the Centre forInformation Technology and Cognitive Sciences at Stockholm University /KTH, from the start in 1992 until 1999.

Member of the board of theSwedish AI Society 1990-1998.

Local Organizer of the Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence SCAI-93, held in Stockholm, Sweden, May 1993.