Family and colleagues

Family and pictures

I am married to Sverker Janson and we have two kids, Adam and Axel. Some family pictures. My only leisure time activity is horseback riding on icelandic horses.

Here are also some more pictures of me that you may use if you want to.


My current PhD-students are:

  • PhLic Jarmo Laaksolahti
  • PhLic Petra Sundström
  • MSc Anders Frank
  • DesLic Anna Ståhl

I used to supervise:

  • PhD Martin Svensson
  • PhD Åsa Rudström

And when the following people finished their theses I was in the vicinity:

  • PhD Ylva Fernaeus
  • PhD Markus Bylund
  • PhD Fredrik Espinoza
  • PhD Rickard Cöster
  • PhLic Thomas Olsson
  • PhD Per Persson
  • PhD Marie Sjölinder
  • PhLic Kent Saxin-Hammarström