Martin Nilsson
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Nilsson, Martin (2014) Hitting time in Erlang loss systems with moving boundaries. Queueing Systems, 78 (3). pp. 225-254. ISSN 1572-9443

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Conference or Workshop Item

Öström, Erik and Mottola, Luca and Nilsson, Martin and Voigt, Thiemo (2010) Demo Abstract: Smart Antennas Made Practical: The SPIDA Way. In: IPSN 2010, April 2010, Stockholm, Sweden.

Nilsson, Martin (2009) Measuring available path capacity using short probe trains. In: NOMS 2010, 19-23 April, 2010, Osaka, Japan. (In Press)

Nilsson, Martin (2009) Directional antennas for wireless sensor networks. In: 9th Scandinavian Workshop on Wireless Adhoc Networks (Adhoc'09), 4-5 May 2009, Uppsala, Sweden.

Nilsson, Martin (2008) Localization using directional antennas and recursive estimation. In: 5th IEEE Workshop on Positioning, Navigation and Communication 2008, 27 March 2008, Hannover, Germany.

Nilsson, Martin (2006) Kalman Filtering with Unknown Noise Covariances. In: Reglermöte 2006, 30-31 May 2006, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Nilsson, Martin (2005) Computer Mechatronics: A Radical Approach to Mechatronics Education. In: Mekatronikmötet 2005, 10-11 Nov 2005, Halmstad, Sweden.

Nilsson, Martin (2005) Computer mechatronics: a radical approach to mechatronics education. In: Mekatronikmöte 2005, 10-11 Nov 2005, Halmstad.

Nilsson, Martin (2005) The world's simplest mechanism simulator or making engineering students suddenly discover that they want to devour mathematics and physics. In: 3rd Swedish Workshop on Autonomous Robotics 2005 (SWAR'05), 1-2 September 2005, Stockholm.

Ekelin, Svante and Nilsson, Martin (2005) The Failure of 'The Failure of Poisson Modeling' for Internet Bandwidth Measurements. In: Radiovetenskap och Kommunikation 2005 (RVK'05), 14-16 June 2005, Mjärdevi, Linköping, Sweden.

Ekelin, Svante and Nilsson, Martin (2004) Continuous monitoring of available bandwidth over a network path. In: 2nd Swedish National Computer Networking Workshop (SNCNW 2004), 23-24 Nov 2004, Karlstad University, Karlstad.

Nilsson, Martin (2004) Serpentine locomotion on surfaces with uniform friction. In: IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (ICRA'04), 28 Sep - 2 Oct 2004, Sendai, Japan.

Nilsson, Martin (2002) Heavy-duty connectors for self-reconfiguring robots. In: 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'02), 11-15 May 2002, Washington D.C., USA.

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Feeney, Laura Marie and Nilsson, Martin (2001) Investigating the energy consumption of a wireless network interface in an ad hoc networking environment. In: IEEE INFOCOM 2001: Conference on Computer Communications, 22-26 April 2001, Anchorage Alaska, USA.

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Nilsson, Martin (2000) Fundamental limitations of compact and lightweight mechanisms. In: Proceedings of ICMA, 27-29 Sept 2000, Osaka, Japan.

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Nilsson, Martin (1998) Cranking along: slip-free locomotion for snake robots without torsion-free joints. In: International Symposium on Intelligent Control (ISIC/CIRA/ISAS'98), 14-17 Sept 1998, Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

Nilsson, Martin and Karlsson, Gunnar (1998) Fast address lookup for Internet routers. In: Fourth International Conference on Broadband Communications (BC '98), 1-4 Apr 1998, Stuttgart, Germany.

Nilsson, Martin (1998) Why snake robots need torsion-free joints and how to design them. In: International Conference Robotics and Automation (ICRA'98), 16-21 May 1998, Leuven, Belgium.

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