Olle Olsson
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Olsson, Olle (2002) Privacy protection and trust models. ERCIM News (49).

Conference or Workshop Item

Gullberg, Mikael and Olsson, Olle (2006) Building need-based systems for complex hostile situations. In: CIMI 2006, 2006, Sweden.

Sadighi, Babak and Olsson, Olle and Rissanen, Erik (2003) Managing authorisations in dynamic coalitions. In: Mässan för civil and militär beredskap (CIMI), 20-22 May 2003, Enköping, Sweden.

Olsson, Olle (2002) Trust in eCommerce: the ontological status of trust. In: 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Electronic Commerce (ECOM-02), 13-15 Nov 2002, Gdansk, Poland.

Olsson, Olle and Espinoza, Fredrik (1999) Multimedia dialogue management in agent-based open service environments. In: ECMAST'99, 4th ECMAST Conference: Multimedia Applications, Services and Techniques , 26-28 May 1999, Madrid, Spain.


Seipel, Peter and Höök, Kristina and Sjödin, Gunnar and Bylund, Markus and Olsson, Olle and Andersson, Helena and Olsson, Anders R (2004) Spionchips kontrollerar dig. Svenska Dagbladet.

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