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Olsson, Tomas and Gillblad, Daniel and Funk, Peter and Xiong, Ning (2014) Case-Based Reasoning for Explaining Probabilistic Machine Learning. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology, 6 (2). pp. 87-101.

Xiong, Ning and Olsson, Tomas and Funk, Peter (2013) Case-based reasoning supports fault diagnosis using sensor information. International Journal of COMADEM, 2013, 16 (4).

Conference or Workshop Item

Olsson, Tomas and Holst, Anders (2015) A Probabilistic Approach to Aggregating Anomalies for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with Industrial Applications. In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth International Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference.

Olsson, Tomas and Källström, Elisabeth and Gillblad, Daniel and Funk, Peter and Lindström, John and Håkansson, Lars and Lundin, Joakim and Svensson, Magnus and Larsson, Jonas (2014) Fault Diagnosis of Heavy Duty Machines: Automatic Transmission Clutches. In: Workshop on Synergies between CBR and Data Mining at 22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, Cork. (In Press)

Olsson, Tomas and Gillblad, Daniel and Funk, Peter and Xiong, Ning (2014) Explaining Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis and Classification using Case-based Reasoning. In: 22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning. (In Press)

Xiong, Ning and Funk, Peter and Olsson, Tomas (2014) Representation and similarity evaluation of symbolic time series in uncertain environments. In: Workshop on Reasoning about Time in CBR at 22nd International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (RATIC 2014). (In Press)

Olsson, Tomas (2013) Evaluating Machine Learning for Predicting Next-Day Hot Water Production of a Heat Pump. In: 4th International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives , Istanbul.

Xiong, Ning and Funk, Peter and Olsson, Tomas (2012) Case-Based Reasoning Supports Fault Diagnosis Using Sensor Information. In: The 2nd International Workshop and Congress on eMaintenance, 12-13 Dec 2012, Luleå, Sweden.

Olsson, Tomas and Funk, Peter (2012) Case-based reasoning combined with statistics for diagnostics and prognosis. In: 25th International Congress on Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering (COMADEM 2012), 18–20 June 2012, Huddersfield, UK.

Olsson, Tomas and Bjurling, Björn and Chong, May Yee and Ohlman, Börje (2011) Goal Refinement for Automated Service Discovery. In: SERVICE COMPUTATION 2011, The Third International Conferences on Advanced Service Computing, 25 - 30 Sept 2011, Rome, Italy.

Olsson, Tomas (2009) Assessing Security Risk to a Network Using a Statistical Model of Attacker Community Competence. In: Eleventh International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS 2009), 14-17 Dec 2009, Beijing, China.

Olsson, Tomas (2009) Impact estimation using data flows over attack graphs. In: The 14th Nordic Conference on Secure IT Systems (NordSec 2009), 14-16 Oct 2009, Oslo, Norway.

Boström, Gustav and Giambiagi, Pablo and Olsson, Tomas (2006) Quality of Service Evaluation in Virtual Organizations Using SLAs. In: 1st International Workshop on Interoperability Solutions to Trust, Security, Policies and QoS for Enhanced Enterprise Systems (IS-TSPQ 2006), 21 Mar 2006, Bordeaux, France.

Cöster, Rickard and Gustavsson, Andreas and Olsson, Tomas and Rudström, Åsa (2002) Enhancing Web-Based Configuration with Recommendations and Cluster-Based Help. In: AH'2002 Workshop on Recommendation and Personalization in eCommerce, 28 May 2002, Málaga, Spain.

Olsson, Tomas and Rasmusson, Andreas and Janson, Sverker (2000) Personalized Decentralized Communication. In: AAAI Spring Symposium Series 2000: Bringing Knowledge to Business Processes, 20-22 March 2000, Stanford University, California.

Rasmusson, Andreas and Olsson, Tomas and Hansen, Preben (1998) A Virtual Community Library: SICS Digital Library Infrastructure Project. In: Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries. Second European Conference, ECDL’98, 19-23 Sept 1998, Heraklion, Crete.

Olsson, Tomas (1998) Decentralized Social Filtering based on Trust. In: AAAI-98 Recommender Systems Workshop, 26 July 1998, Madison, Wisconsin, USA.


Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (publ) (2001) Information routing. 6,266,667.


Olsson, Tomas (2015) A Data-Driven Approach to Remote Fault Diagnosis of Heavy-duty Machines. Doctoral thesis, Mälardalen University.

Olsson, Tomas (2003) Bootstrapping and Decentralizing Recommender Systems. Licentiate thesis, Uppsala University.

Olsson, Tomas (1998) Information Filtering with Collaborative Interface Agents. Masters thesis, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences.

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