4WARD - Architecture and Design for the Future Internet


4WARD is a large EU project in the 7th Framework Programme. It has about 35 partners, is coordinated by Ericsson Research and its first two-year phase started Jan 1st 2008.

4WARD takes a long-term approach to research towards the Future Internet. Compatibility with existing network technologies is less important while innovation and bright new ideas are more important. This approach is needed to create the network of the future which can overcome the obstacles of current technologies.

SICS is engaged in three of 4WARD's workpackages:

  • WP4: In Network Management - SICS contact: Björn Levin
  • WP5: Forwarding and Multiplexing for Generic Paths - SICS contact: Anders Gunnar
  • WP6: Network of Information - SICS contact: Bengt Ahlgren


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