HASPOC: High assurance security products on COTS platforms

HASPOC's target is to provide security for critical digital services and infrastructures. To that end, we develop a trusted, cost and resource efficient virtualized COTS platform for use in e.g. crypto equipment, secure mobile phones, firewalls and data diodes. The HASPOC platform provides the following features:

  • execution on ARMv8 (one of the most widespread comodity platform architectures in embedded systems),
  • virtualization in order to achieve secure isolation of critical processes,
  • the ability to run unmodified guests,
  • resource and cost efficiency,
  • multicore support,
  • a secure boot process,
  • formal verification,
  • Common Criteria certified security properties with high assurance level,
  • European origin (with development and security evaluation performed in Sweden),
  • open source

The platform shall fulfill stricter and stronger security requirements originating from a rapidly worsening cyber threat situation facing end-users, industry and society in general. 

The platform will be based on the current trust anchoring and boot solution developed by T2 Data and the virtualization solution provided by the SICS Thin Hypervisor (STH), which in a joint KTH SICS project is under formal verification regarding its security claims. These existing solutions will be enhanced and modified to cover product requirements and requirements for achieving high assurance level Common Criteria evaluations.

HASPOC is a Vinnova sponsored second phase project.

Read more on the HASPOC project website.