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A Push for Secure Connected Industry

NEWS: as our annual IoT/ sensor networking day, we are organizing the RISE SICS IoT and Security day on December 12 2018 here at RISE SICS in Kista. This year, the event is open for everyone. Expect presentations from industry and RISE SICS related to security and IoT.  In the afternoon, you are welcome to stay and discuss or hack on Contiki-NG with us to understand how to secure your IoT networks. You can sign up here

9.15: Welcome and Coffee
9.30-10.30 Company presentations (Ericsson, Techsource, Evothings Labs, RIoT Secure, Yanzi)
10.30-10.45: Coffee break
10.45-12.00: more presentations (incl. RISE SICS) and panel "IoT Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Swedish Industry"
12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.00-16.00: Time for discussions and Contiki-NG hackathon

NEWS: Marco Tiloca will give a presentation at the RISE SICS and Ericsson Security Day 2018 on November 28. This day is part of the RISE SICS Software week

NEWS: our next event will be on November 7. Please sign up here

Thanks to everyone for participating in the event on November 7. All participants were excited in hacking (secure) Contiki-NG and a lot of packets were sent. Most of them encrypted!!! You can find the Contiki-NG tutorial here

NEWS: First event on June 5, sign up here

Thanks to all who participated in our two events. People were learning and hacking Contiki-NG with a focus on security.

In order to stay competitive companies from many domains need to connect their products to the
Internet to offer new viable services for their customers. While connecting products to the
Internet enables the creation of such new services, it is not without risks. Reports on attacks on
connected devices are regularly in the news and cause loss of money and, even worse, loss of
reputation which may negatively impact future sales.
The goal of this project is to push Swedish industry to securely connect their products to the
Internet, using standardized protocols and solutions and at the same time avoiding to be locked
into specific, non-interoperable solutions.

We will achieve this by a variety of methods including seminars, hands-on tutorials and hackathons.

The first event will happen on Tuesday June 5, sign up here

Partners in this project are Evothings Labs and RISE Interactive

The project is funded by VINNOVA