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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) remain the most common occupational disease in the European Union and workers in all sectors and occupations can be affected.
They are also an increasing problem and one of the most important causes of long-term sickness absences. Beside the effects on workers themselves, MSDs may lead to high costs to enterprises and the society as a whole.

Qinematic's Posture Scan service gathers detailed information about movement patterns. During the scanning session the user conduct a number of different movements in front of an optical sensor. Ai-Move analyses data from scans and other metadata to identify existing or potential movement related problems, often even before symptoms arise. Over time, individuals can see their own progress and can compare to population based data. The results are used by health providers to personalise recommendations such as specific exercises, and individuals are offered motivational support.

Through scientifically validated assessments, validated motivation models, and 3D visualisation, the service improves awareness and empowers people to be proactive about maintaining optimal health. Compliance with prevention and rehabilitation plans is improved. Through early and individualised recommendations, all employees will enjoy a better quality of life, without the torment of pain or dysfunction at work.

Modern and personal positive health services like Ai-Move make employers more attractive, improve retention, increase productivity and reduce the risk, and the cost, of sickness absence and job dissatisfaction.


The project is funded by EIT Digital and lead by RISE SICS. Bright Cape is developing the web applications for the Health seekers and the Health providers. Oulu University contributes with knowledge about user interaction and motivational aspects regarding compliance and use of the service. Qineamtic is the company that will take the outcome of the project to the market.



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