ProjectArtificial Intelligence for Datacenter Microgrid Interaction

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Artificial Intelligence for Datacenter Microgrid Interaction

The AI DMI is a pre-study project where pros and cons associated with implementation of machine learning into data center micro-grid integration will be evaluated. The aim of the project is to optimize the operations for a datacenter module with an own micro-grid taking a future of days into account, where forecasts for the temperature, solar radiation, electricity costs and working load will be used. The objective of the optimization is to reduce the electricity costs or to reduce peak loads in the power grid.

The project is funded by the Swedish Energy Research Centre which is a limited company owned by the energy companies in Sweden, the Swedish Power Grid, the Swedish Gas Association and Swedegas. The results will be the base for further work where the AI will be fully implemented in the DMI data center module at SICS ICE, showing the possibilities that machine learning can give in the application of data center and micro-grid operations.