Autonomous Wallpaper

Autonomous Wallpaper is a system where users can send pictures taken with their camera phones to their living room wall. For each picture, a unique agent representing a flower is created. Each has a specific behaviour and visual appearance calculated from the picture, but is also affected its relation to other flowers nearby, and its position on the wall chosen by the user.

Autonomous Wallpaper was developed with the design method transfer scenarios, combined with the design technique personas. This involved to learn about relevant experiences from individuals who are not intended as end users, and to create fictive users which could guide the design. This design is based on intersts found among people who own pets, such as lizzards, spiders and snakes. Such interests, experiences and relations are different from e.g. having a dog or a cat, wich can be relevant to study when aiming to design agents or robots with autonomous behavior. 

The Autonomous Wallpaper project is part of the European Union project ECAgents.



Zeynep Ahmet  (Demo and studies)

Marcus Forsmoo (designer & programmer at Viktoria Institute, year 2006)



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