Per-Olof Sjöberg and Rolf Andersson

ProjectBALLAD - Baltic Living Labs

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BALLAD - Baltic Living Labs

There are significant challenges on the market for digital services in the Baltic Sea area. For those who produce services it is often a challenge to become visible. It is common that companies develop services for a local market when they would fit as good or even better elsewhere.

The BALLAD project creates a single market for digital, broad band-based services by supporting collaborative innovation based on local competitive advantage. The project creates a Living Labs network using models and methods that increase the transfer of digital services and open up the markets in-between the different regions involved in the project. In that way Central Baltic Sea region eventually will become a single market for digital, ICT-based solutions.

The planned project activities encompass development, testing and launching of a Central Baltic Living Labs network for exchange of digital services produced by SMEs. The project provides support to SMEs in the field of digital services which enables them to adapt their products for local variations and by that get a better product for the local market.

Partners in the project are: SICS and Acreo, Laurea University, Finland, Institute of Baltic Studies, Estonia. and Technology Development Forum, Latvia.

Image: Rolf Andersson, Acreo, and Per-Olof Sjöberg, SICS, active in the project.

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