Bodily Experiences

The overall goal of this project is to design for free-movement interaction in different 
applications in mobile settings. The project consists of two parts: (1) general design methods and tools for design, and (2) a few applications developed using those tools and methods, please see connected projects.

One of our domains is in control rooms of large factories, where we have been asked to bring in enjoyment and fun into a highly serious and traditional work environment. A second domain we work with is in geriatric assisted living facilities. Last, we are working with a tangible interactive toy produced by our partner Movinto Fun: the Oriboo. 

In the domain of control rooms we are building so-called “one function tech probes” – basically a set of small ambiguous systems that perform only one function without really explaining why to the end-users. One picks up on bio-sensor data, sweat related to emotional arousal, translating it into colourful led-displays, publically visible to everyone in the control room. Another picks up on arm movements, translating their movements into vibrations on others arms. A third visualises by blinking light how long people stay at various locations in the control room area. The aim with deploying these probes is to involve the control room workers in the design process, playfully exploring what these probes can afford to enhance their social play at work.

In the domain of geriatric assisted living facilities we are creating a series of prototypes designed to share some of the responsibilities that are currently on the physiotherapist, such as modelling movements, mobilizing parts of the patient’s bodies, correcting and explaining nuances of movements. We are specifically researching two different distributions of roles in which the technology takes over some of the physiotherapist responsibilities. 

The Oriboo-toys we have taken to four different schools: two in Nepal, one in Sweden, and one in Spain. We have their researched the kind of play these toys elicited in scenarios with different socio-cultural and economical backgrounds.