butler with many hands and tools

ProjectBUTLER - An English butler for the process industry

BUTLER - An English butler for the process industry

The objective in this project is to provide industrial plants with as much self-surveillance functionality as possible, to make the process as autonomous and robust as possible. What is proposed is an "English butler", a helper, for the process industry. It is a system meant to monitor the process for abnormalities using the abundance of sensors and control devices built into modern process industries, find the cause of any detected deviation, and if possible rectify the problem without the operator's help. It will work alongside the operator, constantly but unobtrusively report what it is doing, and provide explanations when desired.

The ultimate vision is a factory that you only have to tell on a very high level what your orders or decisions are and that then takes care of all the details of implementing those orders and decisions and simply reports back to you with the results.

The project is funded by SSF (The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research).