ProjectContiki - Connecting the Next Billion Devices

Contiki - Connecting the Next Billion Devices

Contiki is the open source oS for the Internet of Things

Contiki was created by Adam Dunkels at SICS in 2003 and was quickly slashdotted. Its impact has been growing ever since.

SICS has been a main developer of Contiki since its conception, lead by Adam Dunkels, and with significant contributions by a number of SICS employees, including Niclas Finne, Joakim Eriksson, Fredrik Österlind, Nicolas Tsiftes, Simon Duquennoy, Dogan Yazar, and Björn Grönvall. As a major open source software, Contiki also has a large number of contributors from all over the world.

SICS heavily uses Contiki in research projects on sensor network and the Internet of Things, which in turn contribute code back to the Contiki project.

Since 2012, Contiki also serves as a technical foundation for the startup company Thingsquare, co-founded by former SICS employees Adam Dunkels and Fredrik Österlind.

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