Customer Premises Equipment Security

This project is a collaborative effort between TeliaSonera, SonyEricsson, Ericsson, Lund University and SICS to make security analysis and security architecture design for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) such as residential gateways. A CPE is a key operator business enabler but it is also very sensitive to attacks, both external network attacks and “inside” attacks from the customer itself. The purpose of this project is to define a security architecture for secure boot, security measurement and configuration/software management of CPEs including study of scalability issues in the management system. In addition, the project aims at increasing the competence on trusted computing and secure virtualization technologies among the project participants as trusted computing and secure virtualization are fundamental building blocks for a CPE security architecture.

In January 2011, the project arranged a two day workshop on trusted computing, security and virtualization. More information is available at: