Business Areas

Together with the partners Forest Developing Technologies and Future Eco we were granted a pre-study on using heat from datacenters in biomass drying. It is one potential application of low-grade heat, which is one of our tracks.

The aim of the project it to generate knowledge about a system where different operations is joint in symbiosis and where a flow of products can generate income in many different steps, by this test a realization of a circular economy. The goal of the project is to develop a deeper understanding how a circular system with excess heat from a data center could be used for bio-mass drying, which further could be used for creating e.g. Bio-coal or drying of locally produced bio based fuels that is used for heat generation in district heating production sites.

The project addresses the area to take care of and preserve the earth’s resources and ecosystem by the focus on recycling of the excess heat from the expanding data center branch for drying of the natural resource bio-mass, which can be used for generation of bio-coal, electricity or heat. The bio-coal is an upcoming attractive product for the iron- and steel industry for making the products more green and environmental friendly.