Casting is a critical step in the manufacturing process of rolls at Åkers. The most significant parameters for the quality of the roll are the casting temperatures for the shell material and the core when the core is cast into the shell. Today’s manufacturing relies entirely on manual logging of temperature and manual extrapolation of temperature curves for the casting manager to decide when the core material should be cast into the shell.

Digicast aims at using digital technique to assist the casting manager to steer the casting process in an optimized way and significantly reduce some variability in the process.

A first step in the project is to create a program for acquisition of temperature. In parallel to this, two models will be developed to predict the cooling of the core and shell materials. Offline calibration of the models will be done based on historical data. Then the program will be developed in order to suggest actions to the casting manger in order to control the cooling of the core material in the ladle. Finally the program will be tested in real-time in production.

Digicast is a project within the strategic innovation program Produktion2030 and is lead by Swerea Kimab, the second collaborator is Åkers.