DMI – Datacenter micro-grid interaction with local grid

The project DMI targets datacenter operation with both local power supply by solar panels and grid power. While there are great environmental and socioeconomically benefits by increasing the amount of renewable electricity production, the growing amount of intermittent power sources increases the need for pro-active load and power balancing. In a datacenter, where operation of servers and cooling systems accounts for the majority of the power consumption, there are possibilities to balance the power-requirements and by moving the load in time.

The project will evaluate and test the possibilities with local thermal storage, to prevent high peak loads due to cooling. For example, chilled water could be produced during period when the electricity demand is low, to be used when the electricity demand is high.

The project is financed by Swedish energy agency over two years and the partners are SICS, LTU, ABB, EON, Vattenfall and Acon.