E-care@home is a "SIDUS – Strong Distributed Research Environment" funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation – a research financier for universities with the task of strengthening Sweden's competitiveness and ability to create value. The project strives to enhance the elderly care by building a state-of-the-art infrastructure that revolves around the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). Patients will be equipped with sensing and actuation devices ("things") that can be used to monitor various metrics concerning their health. The produced information will be gathered automatically using energy-efficient wireless communication. On top of this infrastructure, E-care@Home will provide e-services that process, analyze, and present the data gathered from the devices in a manner that provides healthcare professionals with valuable information about their patients' health.

One of the key challenges tackled in this project is to make use of the different types of data produced by different technologies, and thereby provide semantic interoperability. Such interoperability is regarded as an essential feature to help expand generic IoT technologies to efficient ICT-supported services for elderly. Additionally, the project will tackle the challenges concerning energy-efficient and predictable wireless communication to ensure a robust, long-term operation of the infrastructure.

two prototypes

Twelve months into the project, the developed infrastructure will undergo initial tests at a pilot site. The insights gained form these tests will help the project partners to make iterative enhancements of the technology. We will thereafter deploy the the technology at a real test site on month 18.

project partners

Örebro University (coordinator), Mälardalen University, SICS Swedish ICT, and SICS East Swedish ICT.

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