ProjectEcoFES - Product Development and Open Innovation for Ecosystems of Embedded Systems

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EcoFES - Product Development and Open Innovation for Ecosystems of Embedded Systems

How are future ecosystems of embedded systems affected by the arrival of emerging technologies? SICS is leading a collaboration project between Volvo Car Corporation, AB Volvo GTT, Volvo CE, Yaskawa, Arcticus, Springworks, Tolpagorni, Danfoss and Linneaus University, to formulate a new organisation of the ecosystems around product development that fosters open innovation. The heavy industrial experience of the partners of the project drives the solutions of the related scientific, industrial, technical and business challenges identified.

The project provides an opportunity to set the scene for the future development of embedded systems with the emergence of new technologies and structures. The electronics and software in embedded and cyber physical systems can nowadays include technologies (for example communication technologies) that allow them to reach opportunities beyond their typical boundaries. The arrival of new affordable technologies make feasible the extension of their typical monolithic structure while maintaining the safety-critical qualities that characterise embedded systems. These new possibilities are offered by the systems of embedded systems that are no longer closed. They are extended to include services and products from external suppliers, including add on developers and data providers. The project investigates aspects around the new ecosystems, including business models; architectures; processes, methods and tools; and quality assurance and certification methods.

The participants of the project come from multidisciplinary domains and form complementary roles in the new ecosystem. They will work jointly to shape their vision of the future development of embedded systems and will collaborate to facilitate open innovation. The new possibilities drive flexibility, post-production adaptation, plug-in extensibility and innovation in systems development. It will open an entirely new way of creating systems-of-systems with emerging behaviors, combining characteristics, shortening time-to-market and customer feedback. New innovative companies will start developing apps, just like they did when third parties were allowed to create services for smart phones.

SICS will lead the project and provide empirical validation of experimental platforms.

The project is funded by VINNOVA. The resutlts of the project will be made available outside the project by the end of 2016.

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