Novel grips to promote sustainable choices

Technology for sustainable living must be designed to work in harmony with the ways people lead their lives. This project is a collaborative endeavor between environmental scientists, interaction designers and engineers addressing the challenge of finding creative and novel grips on design that promotes sustainable choices.

Engaging experiences around everyday shopping

We have, by connecting to social networks and social media, designed a mobile application that through aesthetic, bodily and value-oriented interactions allow for engaging experiences around everyday environmental choices. By combing people’s everyday grocery shopping behavior with analysis of social media, the Eco-friends application attempts to provide a subjective view on the current season of various fruits and vegetables. Through analysis of people’s twittering and blogging about fruits and vegetable Ecofriends portrays various seasons through three subjective voices: friends, experts, and everyday people. These are presented in a form of interaction that is aesthetically challenging by breaking some of the norms of current mobile application design. Together these voices provides a socially-based system that aims at inspiring users to reflect on their everyday environment grocery shopping.

The Ecofriends application was designed to encourage people to reflect on their everyday grocery shopping from social and ecological perspectives.