ProjectElderly-­oriented, network­‐based services aimed at independent life

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Elderly-­oriented, network­‐based services aimed at independent life

Today, there is a progressive imbalance between caregiving availability and needs. Informal care givers - often a spouse, children or friends – are deeply affected by the older family members’ increasing need for care. At the same time, formal health and social care systems as well as their insurance fundaments are also under great pressure, especially when the elderly lack an informal caregiver network. The limited capacity of both formal and informal caregivers has induced a shift towards prevention and the early diagnosis of potential health issues. 

ENSAFE envisages the creation of a supportive platform integrating the following different components, which so far have been offered and used as independent services:

  • mobile communication and sensing through the GoLivephone (GoCiety, NL)
  • home monitoring by the CARDEAdomus system, (University of Parma, IT)
  • tele-medicine products and physiological sensors (METEDA, IT)    

The integrating data storage platform will be developed by the Swedish company Gaia System. SICS Swedish ICT act as national coordinator and will participate in the demand analysis as well as test and verification in Sweden, to be performed mainly in the Test Environment Norrköping.

The new solution is to efficiently link life and home environment sensors to the smart mobile device. It will allow for gaining a detailed overview of the user’s activity and wellbeing through data coming from the personal mobile device and from the interaction with the environment. Personal and environmental monitoring are rather complementary, and their fusion may provide a much more comprehensive insight on the users’ actual wellbeing or health conditions. By including physiological sensing as well, the potential users’ range is broadened, encompassing self-care of mild medical conditions and allowing for correlating behavioural data to clinical data. 

Collaborating partners: Gaia System (SE), RZCC (NL), Gociety (NL), TU Eindhoven (NL), University of Parma (IT), Meteda (IT), Proges (IT), NWCAHSN (UK), ICE Creates (GB)


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