Olle Olsson receives medal

ProjectESNA - European Sensor Network Architecture

ESNA - European Sensor Network Architecture

The emerging technology of wireless sensor networks creates new opportunities for innovative applications, but poses new technical challenges for constructing such applications.

The ESNA (European sensor network architecture) project makes development of wireless sensor network applications more effective by providing a standard architecture, technology and application-development guidelines, as well as proof-of-concept implementations.ESNA establishes wireless sensor networks as a technology discipline serving business needs. This is done in three ways:

  1. By exploring and modelling detailed application requirements that drive technology development,
  2. By exploring and further develop technologies for sensor network applications; and
  3. By exploring methodology and business aspects of sensor networks.

The primary technical result will be an open sensor network system architecture with support for several off-the-shelf sensor network nodes, including applications, software development kits and middleware services, based on documented interoperability specifications.The methodolical results will be guidelines for sensor network application development – including guidelines for dimensioning of networks, and type of nodes to use for different application domains, as well for requirements analysis and design at a systems level. ESNA will produce these results by iterating co-ordinated work on a generic architecture and its development platform, and on specific sensor network applications that evaluate the underlying platform and guidelines.

Image: Olle Olsson, project manager, receives the ITEA Achievement Award gold medal at the ITEA co-summit in Ghent 2010. The award is given annually to a "highly successful project with outstanding contributions".

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