Competence Areas at RISE ICT

The Flexible Process Industrial Logistics of the Future

The project´s main idea is that, from the process industry perspectives, investigate the potential, needs and requirements for data-driven management and transport optimization for integrated product flows. The main purpose is to explore how ICT can be used to control traffic flows for products and raw materials in real time, and to reduce transportation costs and environmental impact, while increasing delivery precision and quality. The possibilities for control and prioritization of individual deliveries in transshipment points will also be investigated. The project will have future environmental requirements and process industry requirements as a starting point. Due to upcoming new environmental directives, many of the process industry players are considering to move shipments from ship to other green alternatives, and the project will as a specific part examine how this would affect logistics flows. As it is expected that upcoming environmental directives will have a very large impact on the flow of goods in Sweden, the project´s goal is to ultimately maintain transport quality and delivery precision even when alternative means of transport used. SICS Swedish ICT AB and SICS Swedish ICT Västerås AB is the project´s research partners and will collaborate with BillerudKorsnäs AB, Green Cargo AB, ScandFibre Logistics AB, Mälarhamnar AB and the Swedish Transport Administration.