Future Industrial Services Management

Service and maintenance of processes and products are pivotal for the availability of products and production. Unexpected faults and failures may be very costly or even catastrophic. At the same time, maintenance is routinely performed more frequently than necessary, replacing possibly functional components. New processes and products need to fulfill increased environmental demands, while customers put higher and higher demands on customization and co-ordination. Improved maintenance thus has a very high potential both economically and environmentally. Swedish companies have identified service, maintenance, and production as an important area of growth.

By making better use of information of the components condition, and better coordination of maintenance activities, they can be better utilized at the same time as the risk for unplanned stops decreases. This leads to better resource utilization and sustainability.

The Future Industrial Services Managment project will develop the maintenance service center for the future, by developing innovative approaches and solutions for the improvement of production and maintenance. The approach focuses on integrated, data-driven services customized to the user, based on two case studies. Better management and use of condition data and improved planning of operation and maintenance provides increased knowledge of when to take maintenance action.

This project is a collaboration between Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Euromaint Rail, Eduro, Scania CV, GKN Aerospace, TXG Development, Chalmers, Linnéuniversitetet and SICS Swedish ICT, with funding from Vinnova within the program Challenge-driven Innovation. The project runs from 2014-06-01 to 2016-08-25.

Download project folder for printing here.


Project leader Åsa Rudström talks about the project at SICS open house on March 19, 2015 (in Swedish).

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