The integration of the vehicle, the charging station, the grid, and new networked services

"A very simplified view on the electric car of the future is that of a mobile phone on wheels with a very large chargeable battery hooked up to an electrical motor...."

With the growing prominence of hybridvehicles (e.g the Toyota Prius) the last decade has heralded the mainstream acceptance of (fully or partially) electrically powered vehicles and a growing interest in how this form of transport may bescaled up to address the resulting challenges regarding energy, environment, and new related services.

The GridCar project focuses on the integration of the vehicle, the charging station, the grid, and new networked services. The project will undertake research in novel methods for identification, roaming, user interfaces and grid servicesin order to deliver sustainable wide-scale electric vehicle management systems. This includes for example high-level concepts such as network based services for traffic balancing, advanced forms of congestion charging, use of microlevel load balancing of charging stations (visavi other online power grid activities and conditions), down to intuitive physical user interfaces. The GridCar project will, through fundamental multi-disciplinary research, work within four major problem domains in the area of practical handling of a fleet of electrically powered vehicles.

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