Hållbara och kvalitetssäkrade kommunikationstjänster i äldreomsorgen

Sustainable and robust communication services in care for the elderly

This project is a cooperation with the company Inview and it is funded by Vinnova. The project is centered around Ippi, a communication device that is using the mobile networks for sending information.The solution consists of possibilities to send messages and pictures/photos using the TV set as interface. The aim with this project is to optimize the information structure (both the part that is visible for the user and the structure behind) and make it scalable in a way that keeps it easy and simple when new services are added. In the project we are also working with methods for introducing the technology among care givers and end users; and with the development of business models.

The concept will be developed in different ways within four municipalities with different characteristics. These are:

Vallentuna – 

A municipality outside Stockholm. The concept will be tested in a home for elderly.


A municipality in the countryside. The concept will be tested with care in home environment and with local service providers.

Täby – 

A a suburb of Stockholm. The concept will be tested in a centre for senior citizens.

Södertälje – 

A municipality with citizens from many different countries and with many languages.