Swedish process industry needs to act to be in the forefront of development to keep and increase our international competitiveness. Process industri needs to apply and integrate new technologies developed for other domains where they can make a difference also in industry. This project will develop a prototype based on Microsoft HoloLens to augment process related information on top of the real equipment. This technology can enable an operator, or person in the field to reach the digital information which today usually is only found in the control room within the plant and close to where the equipment is located.

In this project we will develop a first prototype based on Microsoft HoloLens that shows how process graphics (from where a process industry is controlled) can be displayed as holograms in the factory. In addition to this proof of concept the project will develop a plan for how how this could be realized as a validated function of an industrial control system.

Example from the project:

Video made by: Alvaro Aranda Munoz.