ProjectIMCORE - Industrial Multicore Research

IMCORE - Industrial Multicore Research

We propose a project addressing the challenges for Swedish software-intensive systems industry of scalability and programmability of emerging manycore architectures. This involves both near-term challenges and preparing for the longer-term technology evolution.

In response to near-term challenges, we will explore execution models of industrial applications on many-core platforms and a qualitative and application-drive characterization of multicore architectures in different industrial-relevant use-cases.  To prepare for the longer-term technology evolution, we will explore innovative tools and methods for safe task-based parallel programming.

The project will be located and managed at SICS as the research program of a joint research group formed by the proposers, under the leadership of Prof. Mats Brorsson.  The budget is 7.7 MSEK, of which 2 MSEK from VINNOVA with matching contributions of 2.3 MSEK from the industrial partners and in-kind contributions from SICS and KTH amounting to 3.4 MSEK.

Expected results include industrial solutions and prototypes, open source software, publications and reports, and contributions towards Ph.D. degrees.

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Podobas, Artur and Brorsson, Mats and Faxén, Karl-Filip (2010) A Comparison of some recent Task-based Parallel Programming Models. In: 3rd Workshop on Programmability Issues for Multi-Core Computers , 24 Jan 2010, Pisa, Italy.

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