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An application and a Consistent Workflow for Risk and Operation management

As of today there is no complete tool for quality assured risk and operations management, required by law and ISO regulations. The vast majority  have been using crude and diverse tools like excel and file structures to perform the tasks and  collecting evidence hereof,  which is inefficient and imposes a risk in itself. 
This project takes a new overall approach, keeping all risk management and operation management processes, action plans, controls and corresponding evidence together within  a consistent workflow. The end result is an application that keeps track of workflow and responsibilities as well as access rights and assures that controls are properly performed and documented in a timely  and verifiable manner. The major benefits for the customers are increased control over the risk and quality management processes, higher confidence in collected evidence from external auditors and more efficient processes.

SICS is contributing to the project with data and anomaly analysis, usability and innovation realization. The project is managed by Nogap.