Bringing innovation to everyday life and work

This project connects some of the key actors of the innovation system in the Västerås region: expectrum, RISE SICS Västerås, Automation Region, Västerås Science Park and Arty to explore together how to integrate innovation as a core competence into everyday work. The goal is to develop, test and spread research-based knowledge and tools for innovation in everyday work not only within the project organisation but also to their clients and a wider audience of people interested in the topic.

Key project activities:

  • Training process with employees from project organisations through workshops, experimentation in daily work and reflection sessions. A series of interventions at expectrum to engage also other people either working or visiting expectrum (January-June 2017).
  • Interactive exhibition about what innovation means in everyday life and work built and opened at expectrum in collaboration between artists and participants in the training program (June-December 2017).
  • A book with practical tools to stimulate innovation in everyday work produced and disseminated (July-December 2017).

Expected results:

  • Improved innovative competence of employees of project partner organisations.
  • New ways of working developed both within partner organisations, in their work with clients and among project partners - on the level of Expectrum as innovation platform.
  • Research-based model of innovative competence tested and a new measurement tool based on the model developed and tested.
  • Research-based knowledge and practical tools for innovation in everyday work developed, tested and made available to different stakeholder groups.