ProjectInteractive Visual Analysis of Networked Systems

Interactive Visual Analysis of Networked Systems

For each new generation, networked systems grow larger, receive more users, and have more dynamic services and configurations. Complexity is added both to the individual system states and to their evolution over time, making these systems increasingly difficult to understand, and costly to develop and manage.

By using Information Visualization methods to present complex information visually, we can significantly increase our ability to understand networked systems. Visualization tools could aid:

  • developers in modelling, developing, debugging, and maintaining systems
  • managers in conceptualizing proposed systems and understanding systems under development and in operation
  • operators in configuring, optimizing, and recovering systems
  • educators in presenting systems to students and practitioners, and
  • researchers in developing new algorithms and system architectures.

Today, this potential still remains largely untapped in the world of networked systems. A main obstacle is the lack of visualization frameworks that support cost-efficient re-use and composition of components into powerful and flexible visualization tools suited for networked applications. A visualization framework supporting full system life-cycles must meet additional requirements on architecture structure and flexibility.

Expected results include first steps towards an environment to support flexible interactive visual analysis and management of networked systems, building on state-of-the-art algorithms and libraries, and proof-of-concept demonstrators selected and developed in collaboration with industrial our partners.

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Holmgren, Fredrik and Janson, Sverker (2008) Interactive Visual Analysis of Networked Systems: Workflows for Two Industrial Domains. [SICS Report]

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