IPerG is a EU-FP6 project on Pervasive Gaming - games that integrate the technical approaches of computer gaming with emerging interface, wireless and positioning technologies to create game experiences that combine both virtual and physical game elements. IPerG researchers technical, design aspects and business aspects of Pervasive Games. Mattias Svahn coordinates this project which is a shared undertaking of the Interaction and ICE labs at SICS and the GAME studio at Interactive Institute. For more information visit the project homepage.

Some of the games produced and evaluated in Sweden include Momentum, a pervasive larp production staged in Stockholm in 2006, Insectopia, a pervasive mobile phone game, and Interference, a three hour game experience that so far has been staged in Kista and Düsseldorf.

The peer-to-peer platform PART/PIMP was developed within the project and which have been used to implement several IPerG games.

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