ME3Gas - Smart Gas Meters

The goal is to put consumers in control of their energy efficiency and appliances at home to allow energy-saving usage without compromising comfort or convenience.

The utilization of intelligent concepts is what makes energy smart, and is the heart of energy efficiency technologies. Through energy-intelligent control, regulation and communication we can expect to see further improvements in energy yield.

The project will result in an energy aware middleware platform making it possible to network heterogeneous physical devices into a service oriented architecture. To ensure the impact of the project results, the middleware will be validated in several use-case scenarios. The project will also contribute to the knowledge generation in the field of IT for energy efficiency and sensor networks. 

ME3Gas is an Artemis project, consisting of 17 partners throughout Europe. The SICS participation is funded jointly by VINNOVA and ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking. The project will run for 36 months, starting from 2010-05-01.

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