ProjectMegaM@RT: MegaModelling at Runtime

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MegaM@RT: MegaModelling at Runtime

Scalable model-based framework for continuous development and runtime validation of complex systems

Electronic systems are becoming more and more complex and software intensive, which calls for modern engineering practices to tackle advances in productivity and quality of these now cyber-physical systems. Model-driven Engineering and related technologies promise significant productivity gains, which have been proven valid in several studies. However, these technologies need to be further developed to scale for real-life industrial projects and provide advantages at runtime. The major challenge in the Model-Driven Engineering of critical software systems is the integration of design and runtime aspects. The system behaviour at runtime has to be matched with the design in order to fully understand the critical situation, failures in design and deviations from requirements. Many methods and tools exist for tracing the execution and performing measurements of runtime properties. However, these methods do not allow the integration with system models - the most suitable level for system engineers for analysis and decision-making.

MegaM@RT will create a framework incorporating methods and tools for continuous development and validation leveraging the advantages in scalable model-based methods to provide benefits in significantly improved productivity, quality and predictability of large and complex industrial systems.


Overall Idea

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