ProjectMinnesmark - Augmented reality in outdoor education

Minnesmark - Augmented reality in outdoor education

Mobile augmented reality (AR) makes it possible to overlay virtual object on the real world. This has been shown to support outdoor education in our development and testing of prototypes at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs in Vimmerby. We have also conducted an action research study where we have further developed and field tested our mobile AR-platform Minnesmark at Västra Ramlösa school in Helsingborg. The results show that teachers and students can use Minnesmark to set the focus of an outdoor exercise, raise questions, afford actions, make symbols and timelines visible, provide a point of entry to the context, and facilitate reflection. Other schools have also contacted us to express an interest in using the platform.

The research has been conducted in cooperation with Linköping University and has been financed by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth through the National Center for Environmental and Outdoor Education at Linköping University, and by the Marcus and Amelia Wallenbergs Foundation through the municipality of Helsingborg. 

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Minnesmark in use at Västra Ramlösa school in Helsingborg

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