Monitoring and robust operation of cellular networks

The focus of the project is to develop and apply practical, decentralized methods for collecting mobility pattern statistics, detecting anomalous shifts in network usage and mobility patterns. It considers information collection, integrity, and surveillance aspects. Also, through the decentralized approach and through the mechanisms used for network adaptation, we aim to provide robust and distributed solutions for mobile networks under stress.

Impact and results

The potential of using ordinary systems, such as people's mobile phones, as sensors for unusual activities is very large. This project capitalizes on the fact that sensing systems covering whole nations could be thus created at a very low cost.  Here, the mobility patterns of everyday people are used to detect disturbances and to indicate where they are located. By using services provided by the mobile network infrastructure itself, e.g. emergency services can get an early warning and an indication of where to send resources.

Implementation of Plan and methodology

1. Scenarios and technical feasibility (SICS and Ericsson)  

1. Selection of scenarios (PM01-03)

2. Identification and overview of the most relevant network parameters (PM03-06)

3. Selection and preparation of data set for simulator studies (PM06-09)

4. Delivery of state of the art report and configuration problem inventory (PM9

2. Anomaly detection, and adaptation (SICS)  

1. Development of mobility detector and information distribution mechanisms (PM04-09)  

2. Development of algorithms and adaptation mechanism (PM06-20) 

3. Delivery of final report on algorithms for information collection, anomaly detection (PM21) 

3. Simulation and evaluation (Ericsson)  

1. Development of mobility and network usage models (PM07-18) 

2. Simulator API and core functionality (PM07-20) 

3. Disturbance and traffic injector based on existing data sets (PM10-20) 

4. Simulator runs on scenarios identified in WP1 (PM10-23)

5. Delivery of final report on and analysis of simulation results (PM24)