NetEmb - Towards Real-World Networked Embedded Systems

A project within SICS Center for Networked Systems.

The focus of past research on wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has beenon fundamental design issues, protocol design, energy conservation andlocalization.  Very little attention has been paid to situations whereperformance assurances are desirable, especially in regard totimelines and dependability but also power consumption.  However, manyWSN applications such as plant automation, surveillance, vehiclecontrol or health monitoring will demand a degree of certainty intheir ability to respond to external stimuli. In order to be useful,these networks must be secure and configurable towards newobjectives specified by the application or the operator.  For example,they must be able to change the main objective from high reliabilityto low delay. In addition, the importance of standards is increasingwhich is witnessed by upcoming standards such as WirelessHART andIPv6-based sensor networks that are gaining momentum in industry.