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Next Generation Electrical Architecture

Future cars will be green, safe and connected where functions to high degree will be implemented in software which will be more complex, with high demands on flexibility and short development lead times. It will be crucial to structure the SW system to remain leader in safety and among leaders in fuel economy.

Also, with more connected vehicles, viewing the car as a system part of several other systems, new function areas, such as automatic drive, will add to the complexity of the product and provide new challenges as system safety, integrity and security aspects. It will require that competence from other industrial branches is transferred to the automotive domain.

This project will address:

  • Continuous deployment, develop and validate strategies to shorten the time-to-market, while managing increased complexity in future software-intensive automotive functions and systems
  • Use cases and road map for connected vehicle services incorporating this into overall architectural strategies

SICS leads the system of system work in NGEA focusing the car as a system in the transport system - called systems of cars.