ProjectOn-Demand – the new IPTV service paradigm

On-Demand – the new IPTV service paradigm

This project was completed in December 2010.

IPTV is mainly broadcasting (multicasting) today, but a behaviour shift is anticipated among users. New possibilities are introduced allowing people to choose what to view when and when to view it, without being bound to a specific broadcast time but still enjoying high picture quality including HDTV. Additionally on-demand services as film on-demand, e-services, local services, and interactive services will emerge.

On-demand IPTV offers plenty of opportunities for service providers and end-users but also raises issues that this project will address:

  • Distribution of many simultaneous on-demand video services in a cost efficient way i.e. optimising between network capacities, storage (caching) and coding while maintaining good picture quality. The technical challenge of the project is on a network system level and not on technical development of the network equipment in itself.
  • Understanding user behaviour and consequently traffic patterns when user can choose a mix of broadcast TV and a large number of on-demand channels and services. T

The project will use the Basebox IPTV environment developed under technical leadership of Acreo as part of the VINNOVA broadband program. The project involves a large number of partners and is led by Acreo. SICS is in charge of the work package "User needs and behaviour".