ProjectORION - Decision Support for Component-Based Software Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems

ORION - Decision Support for Component-Based Software Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems

Scientific challenge

ORION addresses the following scientific grand challenge:

"How to make decisions successfully for efficiently using software components or services from different sources to develop competitive software-intensive systems in relation to the trade-off between functionality, time to market, cost, quality, legacy and risk?"

The project addresses development of software intensive products and services, including new development and building on existing assets (systems, components, platforms, etc.).


ORION aims at providing a decision support system for software component options and services for development of software-intensive systems, and in particular cyber-physical systems, which integrates strategic, tactical, and operational concerns.


BTH, MDH and SICS bring a unique integrated competence in software-intensive systems, cyber-physical systems, component-based development, strategic software management in software engineering and empirical software engineering.

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